Rental Rates

Apartment Name Apartment Style Square Footage Rental Rate
Artemis One Bedroom Apartment 619 Square Feet $1,569-$2,039
Burgess One Bedroom Apartment 688 Square Feet $1,609-$2,089
Churchill One Bedroom Apartment 832 Square Feet $1,649-$2,149
Godfrey One Bedroom Apartmentv 901 Square Feet $1,669-$2,169
Hawkeye Two Bedroom Apartment 994 Square Feet $1,939-$2,519
Hawthorne Two Bedroom Apartment 1,213 Square Feet $2,009-$2,619
Penrose Two Bedroom Apartment 1,087 Square Feet $1,969-$2,559
Saxton Two Bedroom Apartment 1,084 Square Feet $1,969-$2,559
Yates Three Bedroom Apartment 1,309 Square Feet $2,099-$2,809

Perfect Apartment in Charlottesville for an active lifestyle.

Swim in our resort-style swimming pool. Our state-of-the-art fitness center is the largest in the area. Train for the marathon in our cardio center. Tone up in our weight training area. Test your limits in our crossfit-style fitness center. Find your zen in our yoga room. No matter your workout style, Archer at Brookhill Apartments provides you with the tools to accomplish your fitness goals.

Our new apartments are in the perfect spot, allowing you to get your workout on in our community and within Charlottesville while still being close by when it’s time grab some shut eye!

Hikes are great for getting out of your comfort zone and into nature. Hikers can find trails that range from easy walks with friends or family, all the way up through rugged backpacking trips in pristine alpine environments!
A walk might be enough to get you excited about hiking – but if not this sport offers an endless variety so no matter what level someone is at there will always have something new waiting just around each corner

Land activities in this area are perfect for those who want to get off the beaten path. Hike through beautiful forests or take a ride on one of many trails that lead into nature’s backyard – you’ll find what suits your mood best! But if it’s more high adventure with an elementary twist, try tubing instead; enjoy being thrown about by powerful water currents while floating down river rapids (and sometimes even over rocks). And when weight isn’t necessary but height is—go sky-diving at least once.